Living With or Supporting Somebody That Has Hearing Loss? Request Your Complimentary Clear Face Mask

With the coronavirus pandemic looking like it’s here for the foreseeable future, face masks are unfortunately here to stay.

Though nobody likes having to wear them, people with hearing loss experience particular challenges with face masks.

Whereas before, they could largely communicate by supplementing what they do hear with lip reading and facial expression, people are having to come to terms with their hearing loss because masks are blocking those visual cues.

As Berkeley’s most trusted hearing care experts, at the start of the pandemic, we quickly recognized the impact masks would have and invested in Clear Face Masks to allow us to continue to effectively care for our patients.

However, with news outlets (NPR, CNN, even FOX) now highlighting the need to support the people with hearing loss by  wearing clear face masks, we have made the decision to help Berkeley and the surrounding areas.

If you live with, care for or support somebody that is hard of hearing or struggling to understand others during this crisis, then we would like to send you a complimentary Clear Face Mask.

Simply complete the form on this page, and we’ll mail you your Clear Face Mask.

Only one thing that we ask.

As a small independent business that has personally made a significant investment in purchasing these masks, we only want them going to people that will truly value and use them for the right reasons – so please only request a Clear Face Mask if it will truly benefit someone that is struggling  with hearing loss.