Isaiah Thurman

Patient Care Coordinator

About Isaiah Thurman

I was born in the city of Berkeley and raised in the city of Concord. I’ve always dreamt of becoming an architect to design extravagant buildings to appease the masses. As for my college career, I became a Wildcat at California State University: Chico in the fall of 2016. Initially, I went for computer engineering, but due to my lack of skill in the math department, I decided to look for a new career path. I’ve always been an active learner of various topics especially when it comes to health-based topics. Ironically Chico State had a department called Public Health and Health Service administration. I spent my remaining years learning what goes into the application and execution of public health in the community. Especially during the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, I was able to persevere and graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health in 2021.

After graduating from Chico State I didn’t know where to start on my Public Health journey. An opportunity came to me from Butte county Public Health to work as a Public Health Education Specialist. In this role, I got to learn about the process of contract tracing for individuals who were affected by Covid-19. While looking for a new job closer to the bay I found work with UCSF in the Cancer referral department where I gained deep knowledge of the medical field and hospital work even though it was a temporary position I gained a lot of insight into my public health career.

On a personal note, I am a big fan of cooking, movies, and ballroom dance. I have always been one to be in the kitchen experimenting with meals for my friends and family. Some amazing recipes and some duds but I just enjoy the experience of creating something new. My top requested dish is my lasagna. I guess one could say I am a movie buff, I love to learn the trivia and film styles of multiple genres of movies. My top three genres would have to be Horror, Drama, and Mystery. Something to make my mind work for the result of the film. Finally, ballroom dancing was a simple thing I picked up while I was in college but I fell in love with it. It was a great stress reliever and an overall joy to do with friends. I am a big fan of Jitterbug and a good Salsa.

I look forward to working with the Berkeley Hearing Center Staff and meeting all of our wonderful clients.

Isaiah Thurman, Patient Care Coordinator at Berkeley Hearing Center

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