Rhonda Labib

Doctor of Audiology

About Rhonda Labib

Dr. Rhonda Labib has joined the Berkeley Hearing Center as a clinical audiologist. She holds a bachelor of science in biology and communication disorders from Biola University and earned her Doctorate of Audiology from the University of the Pacific in 2022, graduating summa cum laude.

Specializing in cochlear implants and bone-conduction devices, Rhonda’s passion lies in leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve hearing and quality of life for her patients. Her clinical expertise spans diagnostics to rehabilitation, serving pediatric to geriatric populations in both private practice and hospital settings. In her most recent role at a major Bay Area hospital, she led the cochlear implant program, working closely with her surgeon to develop and implement innovative protocols and provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary care to patients with complex needs.

Rhonda’s spark for audiology was shaped by her international volunteer work with refugees suffering from blast-related hearing loss. This experience instilled in her a deep dedication to overcoming cultural and societal barriers in hearing healthcare. Her mission is to provide accessible, empathetic, and high-quality care, which is what led her to Berkeley Hearing Center.

Outside of work, Rhonda enjoys the simplicities of being a Bay Area native. She loves to explore diverse outdoor scenery and find new trails to hike, discover new hidden gems of cultural food spots, and simply find new ways to relax and appreciate the city and nature that surround her. Her love for the region fuels her commitment to serving the East Bay community at the Berkeley Hearing Center.

Rhonda Labib, Doctor of Audiology at Berkeley Hearing Center

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