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Because of Valentine’s Day, February is traditionally thought of as a month for ‘Love’.  

But ‘Love’ transcends simple notions of romance. Love truly is a huge part of the answer to many of the problems that vex humanity.  

Because love comes from a place of understanding, respect, appreciation and acceptance-be it between people or our relationship to our environment/planet.    

We want you to know that we love and appreciate YOU, our patients.  Throughout this very difficult time in all of our lives, so many of you have expressed your appreciation for our care, concern for us/our family’s well-being and shown real respect & friendship.

All of us at Berkeley Hearing Center love and are honored to do what we do!  

We understand that the care we provide is helping our patients to hear and connect with loved ones and allowing them to enjoy and live their lives more completely.   

Whether a patient has been coming to Berkeley Hearing Center for 35 years, or they just discovered us, please know that we cherish these relationships, we appreciate your loyalty, and you’ve become a part of our lives. We are blessed and grateful.

From our entire team, thank you.

The Ulitmate Gift For Someone That You Love <3

One of our bigger frustrations is that there is not a push within the general medical community to have regular hearing tests. Everybody regularly tests their eyes, has their teeth checked, their cholesterol, etc. – yet hardly any of us regularly test our hearing.

We know that early identification AND treatment of hearing loss has huge positive immediate and long-term impacts on many different aspects of overall health.  

Yet people only tend to get their hearing tested when there’s a noticeable, significant problem. 

Since it’s the month of “Love”, if you know somebody in your life that may be experiencing hearing challenges, we’re offering you a gift that will keep on giving – an introduction to us.  

In honor of this month of “Love”, you can refer someone for a free consultation!

We want to share with them the same compassionate, expert care and attention that you’ve received. For anyone who is experiencing new communication challenges, they’ll receive a complimentary consultation.  

Or if they’re an existing hearing aid wearer and purchased their devices elsewhere, we would “love” to offer them a complimentary clean & check.

Just be sure to have them mention you when they schedule their appointment.

Behind The Office Door

These past few months have been a whirlwind, and services have been expanded and honed to ensure that all of your needs can be addressed, with your safety remaining our number one priority. 

This includes adapting the office to ensure it is COVID friendly and ensure it’s safe for you and other patients, while continuing to be as friendly, warm, and welcoming as ever.

Our Tele Audiology service eliminates the need for you to be seen in the office for certain appointments, allowing you to converse face to face with your audiologist via video and make hearing aid adjustments remotely from the comfort of your home.

We’ve also expanded our Parking Lot Service. For times when you need to drop off a hearing aid or pick up supplies, we will come to you in our parking lot as you wait in the comfort of your own vehicle (our outside patio, if the weather cooperates).

The office celebrated John’s birthday (Feb. 7). While the Super Bowl was a bit of a letdown for him (his favorite team, the Jets, are about as far from the Super Bowl as can be, and the game was not terribly close), he had a wonderful rest of his day with his family. 

Tinnitus Awareness Month

With over 50 million Americans suffering from tinnitus, it is estimated to affect nearly 15% of the general public. 

Tinnitus manifests itself differently in each individual, so that each person may experience a different subjective sensation such as a high pitched ringing, clicking, or buzzing in the ears. 

Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic, many people are feeling more stressed, which we know can exacerbate tinnitus symptoms. Though the severity varies, the condition is persistent, and we have no cure. 

This month is Tinnitus Awareness Month, which is why we are trying to increase awareness of the condition, highlighting available treatment options and tackling it head on.

If you have any concerns about tinnitus or you have a loved one with tinnitus challenges, then please contact the office, so we can help you/them move forward.

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G-d Bless.

The team at Berkeley Hearing Center

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The Team at Berkeley Hearing Center

Our patients come to us because we are experts in what we do. We have put together a team focused on providing the most advanced audiological care available in the area. Our combined expertise ensures that our patients have their hearing healthcare needs met at a professional, compassionate, and comprehensive level.