Supporting all hearing aid wearers across Berkeley

Supporting all Hearing Aid Wearers Across Berkeley During These Challenging Times

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Hearing Aids, News, Patient Resources, Troubleshooting

Over recent weeks, we have received an increased number of phone calls from hearing aid wearers that are struggling to receive the support that they need.

  • Some of their hearing care clinics are closed
  • They’re unable to get the support that they need
  • Or circumstances have resulted in them needing a new provider

That’s why the decision has been made to open our schedule to non-patients to ensure that they can receive the help that they need during these challenging times.

If you’re a hearing aid wearer or you know a hearing aid wearer that needs help, then you are invited to receive any support, care or advice that you need from Berkeley Hearing Center.

Having been caring for the hearing health of Berkeley since 1955, we’re able to support you in all aspects of better hearing. Whether you need adjustments, repairs, cleanings or simply need advice from an audiologist.

With in-person appointments available, curbside appointments and even the option to have a live video call with an audiologist, we’re here for you.


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Jonathan Lipschutz Audiologist, M.S., F-AAA, Owner

Jonathan is the owner of Berkeley Hearing Center. He received his bachelor of science in hearing and speech science and a master of science in audiology from Purdue University. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and the California Academy of Audiology. Jonathan has over 20 years of audiology and hearing aid experience in both the non-profit and corporate sectors.

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