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  • Jonathan Matthew Beck4/10/2018

    I was on vacation and had a bad case of swimmers ear and I got an appointment here within 24 hours and he cleaned my ear wax or with an expert touch. It's great to be able to hear again!

  • Philip Keil8/18/2020

    A PERFECT HEARING RESOURCE! I am so happy my ENT doctor specifically recommended Jonathan Lipschutz for a solution to this musician's hearing difficulties. As I continue to wrestle with hearing inconveniences, I find solace in knowing that I have a knowledgable, expert and very available audiologist to help me with every difficulty. Each time I visit the office, greeted warmly by office manager John, I am helped in fine-tuning my use of the advanced technology Jonathan has provided me.

    TRANSPORTATION: When I drive, there is parking available onsite. When I choose public transportation from San Mateo, I find BART from Millbrae connecting to AC Transit in Berkeley efficient and convenient.

  • Evangeline Buell9/16/2021

    Outstanding Service Extraordinary expertise, caring,organized, and very patient. Warm and friendly.and excepting. I felt comfortable and welcomed. Instructions are clear. I adjusted the first day of wearing the aids. It is wonderful to include mu daughters to assist and reinforce technical details It is a revelation to hear sounds that we’re familiar, and to hear clearly again Thank you for your great expertise and service. Warmly, Vangie Buell

  • Daryl Anne Goldman12/01/2020

    After 42 years of hearing impairment I finally found the perfect audiologist and hearing aid. 42 years ago I lost my hearing in my left ear and developed significant hearing loss in my right ear. I've had a very difficult time finding a hearing aid that would work for my good ear because I have an autoimmune disorder that causes my hearing in that ear to greatly fluctuate. Over the years I tried various hearing aids, but when my hearing would suddenly decrease, I found that using a FM Hearing system actually worked better than the hearing aids I had. This was a cumbersome solution, but I accepted it. A year ago I came to Jonathan when my hearing in my good ear sharply decreased for 6 months. He is the first Audiologist I have seen who really took my hearing fluctuations into consideration when recommending a hearing aid and he really understood what I experience at my different levels of hearing distortion. He has worked so hard to make sure I get the most out of my hearing aid; he is kind, compassionate and a hearing aid genius. This is the first time that I actually enjoy wearing my hearing aid. I grab for it when I wake up and I don't take it out until bedtime. John, his office staff, is so helpful and always makes sure I can get in to see him right away whenever I need an adjustment. My only regret is that I did not get to work with Jonathan years earlier.

  • Laura Garcia7/20/2019

    I can’t say enough about my entire experience at Berkeley Hearing Center. Jonathon has vast knowledge and experience not to mention patience and compassion. My type of hearing loss coupled with sound sensitivity due to migraine makes my hearing aide needs tricky. With that in mind I was actually referred to Jonathan by another audiologist because she knew he would have the expertise required for my situation. She was absolutely right. Jon, who runs the front of the house so to speak was also wonderful to work with. This is THE practice to come to for thorough, compassionate, expert care.

  • William Beck11/14/2022

    Thank You Berkeley Hearing aid Center, Jonathan, John and your staff for the wonderful service and devices you have provided Hello Jonathan,

    I just wanted to comment on yesterday's appointment with you and pass on my appreciation to you concerning the conversation we had on my question concerning over the counter hearing aids whose availability started this past month.

    My decision to go with Berkeley Hearing Aid Center over two years ago is something I'll never regret. With your expertise and professionalism I ended up with the plan and devices that were best for me and included in that plan for the last two years and will continue for the next three more years some of the most outstanding care and service one could ever ask for. I couldn't be happier with the outstanding service you and co-owner John have provided. You have both been there when needed. At one time in non-open hours.. Try to get that level of service at Costco, Kaiser, or by purchasing hearing aids over the counter at Walmart or the several other retailers now selling hearing aids like they sell sunglasses.

    I guess the over the counter experience could be compared to those that need dentures. Not even an option.

    By purchasing my hearing aids through you as an Audiologist, I received a thorough evaluation, testing of my hearing needs and comprehensive scheduled checkups, plus needed hearing aid supplies when needed all for a set amount of years in the future, Try that with the aforementioned hearing aid options.

    Did I pay more for choosing Berkeley Hearing Aid Center? Probably. Am I getting more than I would have if I had chosen Costco, Kaiser, or over the counter at a big box store? Without question and absolutely! Never have I regretted my decision, ever.

    Thank You Berkeley Hearing aid Center, Jonathan, John and your staff for the wonderful service and devices you have provided..