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You know the benefit of well-fit, well-programmed prescription hearing aids in your day-to-day life. Now, disaster has struck and one (or both!) of your aids are not working. Perhaps the answer is a quick fix. Perhaps the problem is more complicated. Either way, Berkeley Hearing Center is here to help.

Our team of expert audiologists has decades of experience with all major manufacturers, and we will always offer you a solution to the problem.

Whatever your issue, our goal is to give you an informed diagnosis/explanation and recommendations on how to address the problem at a fair price, while not compromising on quality and service.

Because of our experience and expertise, this means that we can often address your prescription hearing aid issue quickly and less expensively in the office, using spare parts as indicated from our stock, without reflexively sending it off to the manufacturer.

The Repair Service

Should your prescription hearing aid suddenly stop working, our service is typically available right away, meaning you can often have your hearing aid assessed the same day (weekends and holidays excluded).

All of the staff at Berkeley Hearing Center recognize the immediacy of a broken hearing aid and how much users depend on their prescription hearing aids to function at their best.

The Loaner Repair Service

If your hearing aid requires additional assistance, we may be able to offer you loaner devices while your aids are sent to the manufacturer for repair.

We have state-of-the-art loaner devices for many manufacturers, though an appointment (with associated costs; see below) would be required to program the aids for your hearing loss.

Advanced Hearing Tech at Berkeley Hearing Center
Berkeley Hearing Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What Manufacturer's Do You Repair?

The current manufacturers we repair include ReSound, Widex, Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, Signia/Siemens, Unitron, and Rexton.

Our team will give a diagnosis, if possible, as well as a clear estimate of costs before beginning the work. We will also provide in-depth knowledge regarding preventative maintenance and ongoing care to maintain your hearing aid’s longevity.

How Much Does It Cost?

The fee will vary depending on the condition. However, our team will be honest and upfront about the costs, while showing you the different options available. We will also always look to provide the best solution for the lowest cost.

• In-office repairs start as little as $60.
• If they need to be sent out for repair and are less than 5 years old, the repair fee is $400.
• For hearing aids 5+ years old, the repair charge is $550.
• The office fee, dependent on how much programming is necessary, is between $60-$240
• For loaners, there will be an additional cost between $60-$240 to program the aids to your particular hearing loss.

Is The Service Covid Safe?

Berkeley Hearing Center takes all current health regulations very seriously and has adapted our office to ensure it’s as safe as possible for you and other patients.

We offer Parking Lot service, where we will come to your vehicle to pick up or drop off the aids. We also offer outdoor Patio service (weather depending), where we can meet you at either our front or back patio to service the aids. We also can schedule appointments in the office as necessary to program aids, and we have a full set of Covid protocols to keep our patients and our staff as safe as possible.

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