Hearing Aid Repair for Berkeley, CA and Surrounding Communities

The benefit of well-fit, well-programmed prescription hearing aids in your day-to-day life is a critical part of living the active, independent lifestyle you’re accustomed to. However, when your hearing aids are broken, malfunctioning, or just aren’t performing as well as they used to, frustration sets in.

The answer to your problem might be an easy fix or one that’s more complicated. Whatever your issue, we provide an informed diagnosis/explanation and recommendations on how to address the problem at a fair price, while not compromising on quality and service.

Our team of expert audiologists at Berkeley Hearing Center has decades of experience repairing hearing aids, and we will always offer the best solution to the problem. We are often able to address your prescription hearing aid problems quickly and at a lower cost in the office, using spare parts from our stock, so we can avoid sending it off to the manufacturer.

How to Troubleshoot Common Hearing Aid Issues

A Hearing Aid Device Undergoing Repair at Berkeley Hearing Center

There are some simple solutions for dealing with various hearing aid issues, like limited or no sound amplification or whistling (feedback), which you can perform at home. Basic hearing aid troubleshooting includes:

    • Inspect your device for the accumulated substances. A commitment to clean your hearing aids at the same time every day will help prevent the accumulation of dirt, earwax, or moisture.
    • Ensure that the on/off switch is in the “on” position, and the volume settings are at the correct level to accommodate your hearing needs.
    • Check that disposable batteries have been inserted correctly and are secured in the compartment. Swap them out to ensure that the issue is not a dead battery. Check for moisture or corrosion caused by moisture in the battery compartment.
    • Make sure that rechargeable hearing aids dock properly in the charger and are receiving a charge.
    • Look for physical damage to the casing (cracks, broken pieces, etc.), wires, and tubing on your device.

    “When should I bring my hearing aids to your hearing instrument specialist?”

    You should have your hearing aids professionally checked if these troubleshooting strategies do not fix the issue you’re having with your hearing aid, or if you experience other problems, such as:

    • Replacing batteries more frequently
    • Cracks, breaks, holes, shorting wires, or other damage to your hearing aid
    • Feedback (whistling) and other unpleasant noises while wearing your hearing aids

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aid Repair

    Q. What brands of hearing aids do you repair?

    A. We currently repair ReSound, Widex, Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, Signia/Siemens, Unitron, and Rexton brand hearing aids.

    Q. How much does it cost?

    A. Cost will vary according to the condition of your hearing aids, but we’ll be honest and upfront about them while showing you the different options available. We always look to provide the best solution for the lowest cost.

    • In-office repairs start as little as $60.
    • If they need to be sent out for repair and are less than five years old, the repair fee is $400.
    • For hearing aids 5+ years old, the repair charge is $550.
    • The office fee, dependent on how much programming is necessary, is between $60 and $240.
    • For loaners, there will be an additional cost between $60 and $240 to program the aids to your particular hearing loss.

    Our Repair Service

    Our team will give a diagnosis, if possible, as well as a clear estimate of costs before beginning the work. We will also provide in-depth knowledge regarding preventative maintenance and ongoing care to maintain your hearing aid’s longevity.

    Our repair service is typically available right away, meaning you can often have your hearing aid assessed the same day (weekends and holidays excluded).

    All of the staff at Berkeley Hearing Center recognize the immediacy of a broken hearing aid and how much users depend on their prescription hearing aids to function at their best, so we work to serve your needs ASAP.

    Dr. Jonathan Lipschutz Holding Hearing Aid Device

    Our Loaner Repair Service

    If your hearing aid requires additional assistance that requires us to send it to the manufacturer for repair, we want to make sure that you don’t miss out on the advantages your hearing aids provide day to day. So, we offer you loaner devices to use until your own hearing aids are back in your ears.

    Our loaner hearing aids are state-of-the-art loaner devices from a variety of manufacturers, though an appointment (with associated costs) would be required to program the aids for your hearing loss. They may not be exactly like your own hearing aids, but they’ll do in a pinch.

    Schedule a Hearing Aid Repair Appointment

    Hearing aids are an essential part of continuing to live the lifestyle you’re used to and enjoy a healthier and more rewarding quality of life. When your hearing aids don’t perform as designed, the hearing aid repair experts at Berkeley Hearing Center have you covered with troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair services so you get the most out of your hearing aids investment.

    Contact us to schedule a hearing aid repair appointment, regardless of the issue you’re having with your device, by submitting the adjacent form.

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