Hearing Specialists for Musicians and Music Lovers

The ability to hear well is critical to the livelihood of musicians.

Without the capacity to hear the right notes and words, stay on pitch or in the right key, the career of a musician is placed in jeopardy.

Due to the nature of their workplaces, musicians of all genres are at a higher risk for developing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

Without proper hearing protection, the loud sounds most musicians experience on stage and at rehearsal will cause permanent nerve damage to their hearing.

Additionally, musicians are very susceptible to developing tinnitus (“ringing in the ears”) which, while not physically life threatening, can produce career-ending consequences.

Hearing Protection

Berkeley Hearing Center takes the hearing health of musicians (and their fans) very seriously by providing both custom and non-custom products to help prevent NIHL.

Wearing the right ear protection not only helps combat hearing loss, but it can also help to prevent tinnitus from developing.

Don’t be fooled – NIHL not only affects rock & rollers or hard core heavy metal musicians.  We advocate the use of high fidelity hearing protection to musicians of all genres and provide a variety of products designed to meet specific needs, including:

Musician Earplugs. Designed for use by musicians playing all different types of instruments, these high fidelity earplugs come in both custom fitted and non-custom options, made from a variety of materials designed to be comfortably worn for extended periods of time.  They provide the musician with the ability to appropriately hear the music being performed while simultaneously protecting against NIHL.  They can also benefit concert-goers while they are enjoying the performance (see below).

In-Ear Monitors. Stage monitors have been a major component of hearing damage among musicians, because they have traditionally provided the necessary onstage sound to allow the band to hear what each member is playing.  In-ear monitors are specifically designed for use by musicians or audio-engineer professionals to safely deliver the same necessary musical “feedback” traditionally done with stage monitors, but at a reduced volume while creating a physical barrier to damaging ambient noise levels.


Musician Earplugs Are Not Just for Musicians

Although the technology used in these earplugs was designed to provide hearing protection for professional, onstage musicians, they are beneficial to any number of different groups, including:

  • Students in the school band or orchestra
  • Music teachers or conductors
  • Concert or festival attendees*
  • Nightclub workers or patrons
  • Entertainment industry staff (including roadies, managers, and bodyguards)

*Musician earplugs can actually improve the fidelity of amplified concerts by reducing distortion associated with the auditory system being overdriven.

Berkeley Hearing Center provides musicians of all levels and genres, as well as music and entertainment industry professionals, with the most innovative hearing protection available.  In addition, our audiologists have unique expertise in the evaluation and specific treatment needs of musicians with a hearing loss. 


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