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Several factors contribute to the advancement of tinnitus, which can range from mild irritation to debilitating. It begins as a mild case, leading to an increased awareness of a bothersome sound. Increased awareness causes stress, stirring up your brain’s emotional centers, which contributes further to tinnitus symptoms.

As your brain compensates for the condition, increased hearing sensitivity makes ordinary sounds uncomfortably loud. Hearing sensitivity adds to stress, and you arrive at the beginning of the cycle, creating a snowball effect.

Experts have struggled to unravel the various layers contributing to tinnitus for decades, but things have changed. Berkeley Hearing Center has taken hold of these breakthroughs in order to provide effective treatments for tinnitus relief.

How Is Tinnitus Treated?

There is no cure for tinnitus, but audiologists, scientists, and doctors have discovered various treatments capable of providing varying levels of relief. However, while some patients respond to one type of treatment, others may not respond at all, which means that each case requires a very specific treatment, personalized for each individual patient. We provide the highest level of tinnitus treatment in the area, including go-to treatment options such as:

  • Hearing Aids (dual benefit of correcting hearing loss and masking)
  • Sound Maskers (cover-up sound in order to decrease sound awareness)

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

While we make use of these various forms of sound masking and hearing aid treatment options, we also take things a step further by utilizing a more holistic approach referred to as tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT). Sometimes called habituation therapy, this approach involves retraining your brain to perceive the tinnitus in a different way. Our behavioral therapy approach includes providing each individual patient with the tools to cope with any and all of the emotional difficulties they’re experiencing such as depression, stress, or anger. Ongoing maintenance of the condition, management of associated health problems, and various sound and hearing aid therapeutic options round out a complete program, which supports improved overall health as well as tinnitus management.

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