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There’s No Better Care & Service for Your Hearing Aids in the East Bay

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At Berkeley Hearing Center, there’s no greater reward for us than to help someone in their time of need.  We understand hearing loss, and we know how important your hearing aids are to you.

It’s our goal to ensure you are provided with the best care and best service possible, and part of that is making sure that the aids work as well as they can.

When properly fit with hearing aids, every user is aware of how important they are to staying connected to life.  Most people consider their aids indispensable to function confidently & competently in their world while allowing them to connect with family, friends & colleagues with a rediscovered sense of independence.

For that reason, when it comes to hearing aid ‘emergencies’, Berkeley Hearing Center will do our best to take care of you right away, whether you have been a patient of ours for twenty years or if you have never been here yet.

Why Regular Upkeep of Your Devices is Essential

As experienced audiologists, we know that regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your devices working the way you expect them to.

Over time your hearing aids will naturally begin to collect wax and debris, resulting in the sound quality becoming “blurry”, “fuzzy”,, or in some cases, seem not to work at all!

With our clean & check service,  we can help you maintain the quality of your hearing aids for as long as you need.

To speak to one of our highly experienced and friendly staff regarding our clean & check service, click here.

What Does Our Clean & Check Service Include?

Our clean & check service can provide patients and non-patients with a compassionate, professional, and comprehensive service, which might include replacement filters and domes, listening checks, software upgrades, and more; we sanitize all instruments in our UV-Sanitizer box.

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What Hearing Aid Models & Manufacturers Do We Service?

We can take care of all manufacturers and all types of hearing aids. All you need to do is bring along your device, and our experienced team will handle the rest—stress-free, worry-free.

For a stress-free, worry-free chat with one of our friendly and experienced staff, click here.

How Soon Can a Patient Schedule an Appointment?

Since we understand the importance of having your device work to its optimal quality when you call to make an appointment, we aim to see you straight away – whether you’re a patient or non-patient; our team is here to help.

We also provide a convenient Parking Lot service: just pull into one of our parking spots, and we will come to your car. While you wait, we will service the aids in the office and bring them back to you.

What Are The Costs?

For our patients who have recently purchased hearing aids, there is no charge for our clean & check service since this is a part of the ongoing care package we provide.

For non-patients, the cost for our extensive hearing aid clean & check is $60 unless new receivers or more extensive repairs are needed.

For Your Ongoing Safety & Protection

As a result of the ongoing global crisis, we have increased safety measures for our patients and have limited the number of people on our premises at any one time.

We can see patients in our front patio area or parking lot, allowing folks to remain outside (or in their car) while we bring the hearing aids into the office. We also sanitize aids in our UV box before returning them to you.

Have Your Hearing Aids Professionally Cleaned in Berkeley, CA

We at Berkeley Hearing Center are proud to have served the East Bay area for almost 70 years, and we plan to do so for at least 70 years more.

And that’s why we can’t state enough the importance of regular hearing tests for you and your family, as well as the upkeep of your hearing aids.

Whatever the problem, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

If you want to pick up the phone and give us a call, the number is – 510-841-0681.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Team at Berkeley Hearing Center

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The Team at Berkeley Hearing Center

Our patients come to us because we are experts in what we do. We have put together a team focused on providing the most advanced audiological care available in the area. Our combined expertise ensures that our patients have their hearing healthcare needs met at a professional, compassionate, and comprehensive level.

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