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Some people believe that hearing aids are the solution to a hearing loss. But if you were to ask our patients, they would tell you that hearing technology is only part of the solution.

The more important part is having an audiologist to help you achieve the best performance from your hearing devices and care for your overall hearing health.

Berkeley Hearing Center opened its doors in 1955 and have been the hearing care experts that families across Berkeley, CA and the East Bay community have turned to for almost 70 years.

Having cared for tens of thousands of local people, multiple generations of families, and many local organizations, we’re very much considered to be the most trusted hearing care specialists in the area.

Through a methodical approach to hearing care, we help patients to choose the right hearing technology for themselves based on their unique circumstances, lifestyle, and budget along with a comprehensive level of care and support on their journey to better hearing.

If you or someone close to you is experiencing signs of hearing loss, your first step is to schedule a hearing evaluation today.

This quick, non-invasive assessment allows us to comprehensively check your hearing and instantaneously share our findings with you.

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Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation at Berkeley Hearing Center

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

On a day-to-day basis, we don’t notice ourselves aging when we look in the mirror, yet when we review old pictures of ourselves, we can clearly see the differences.

The biggest problem with hearing loss is that like aging, it happens so gradually that it’s often impossible to notice any day-to-day differences. You have no way to compare your current level of hearing to what your hearing used to be like.

That’s why regular hearing assessments are so important. The earlier you can see a hearing care specialist upon experiencing the first signs of hearing loss, the better.


Advanced Hearing Aid Technology at Berkeley Hearing Center

Advanced Prescription Hearing Aid Technology

A racing car without a racing driver will never win a race. It’s very much the same when it comes to hearing technology.

If the prescription hearing devices are the racing car, our patients will tell you that we’re the racing driver that ensures that you get the best performance, that you’re configured to win the race, and that we’re ready when you need a pit-stop.

With a large selection of hearing technology, we work with you to make an informed recommendation based on your unique circumstances, lifestyle, and budget.


Hearing Protection for Musicians at Berkeley Hearing Center

Hearing Protection for Musicians

As an avid music lover, Jonathan Lipschutz understands the impact that your love for music can have on your hearing.

From hearing protection through to helping musicians address their hearing challenges, Jonathan and the team at Berkeley hearing Center are specialists at helping with all your concerns.

For a friendly conversation, to receive professional advice or if you believe that your exposure to loud music has slowly impacted your hearing, then there's nobody better in Berkeley to help.


Tinnitus Specialists at Berkeley Hearing Center

Tinnitus Specialists

Some people describe it as a buzzing sound and some even compare it to having crickets in their ears, but if you’re experiencing a relentless ringing or humming in your ears, then it may be because of tinnitus.

Affecting an estimated 15% of the US population, tinnitus is much more common than most people realize, with over 50 million Americans experiencing the same challenges as you.

The good news is that there are ways to care for your tinnitus to minimize its impact on your life and our experienced team can help.


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